New Uniform Policy

The decision has been made by the leaders that from now on we will all wear uniform every Tuesday night.  We have decided this for a few reasons:

  1. We are the only Explorer unit in the district that do not wear uniform, in fact it seems we are one of the only units in the country that do not
  2. We should represent the Scouting movement when we are meeting together and the best way to do that is in uniform
  3. Parents/guardians spend a lot of money buying uniforms and spend a lot of time sewing on badges etc. it is unfair to only be wearing them 12 times a year

You are welcome to wear jeans or similar rather than your scout trousers and we are happy for you to remove your shirt and necker after flag break so long as it is put back on for flag down.

New uniform policy

Last week we had a discussion regarding the wearing of uniform when we meet. At the end of the discussion it was decided that we will continue to wear full uniform on the first Tuesday of the month along with any other occasion that requires it (like this coming Tuesday), every other week everyone will wear their neckers. If we are doing an activity away from HQ we will all wear our neckers then also, if for whatever reason it is not safe to wear your necker while doing the activity or it might get ruined then it can be removed.

I feel that we need to represent the Scout association more otherwise we are not much more than a youth club. The change in the uniform policy is effective immediately.