Don’t forget we want to start awarding you all badges so please bring in any evidence of activities you do outside of Explorers which you can earn a badge for.

Check out this website for a complete list of badges and what you need to do to earn them:,88

See you tonight


Explorers Recommences 11/9/18

We hope you have all had a great summer and are raring to get stuck into another term of Explorers. Just to remind you all that we recommence on Tuesday September 11.

See you then.

Last minute outdoor climbing

All the spaces have now been taken for climbing. For those of you going the details are as follows:

Meet at the top of the Roaches (see map below, meet around The Roaches UKC Parking) at 18:45 (finish at 21:15):

Bring a drink, wear suitable shoes and clothing.

Just to remind you that none of the Scorpion leaders will be there so be on your best behaviour.

Have fun!

Camp Kit List and Directions


As mentioned on Tuesday, there will be a leader on-site from about 17:00, please arrive at camp sometime after that. I will be heading out to pick up fish and chips (or whatever) at around 19:30 so try and arrive before then. Currently we do not know where on the site we are camping so look out for the Scorpion flag or give one of us a call (Kai, Cliff, Meagan or Josh).

Please make arrangements to be collected at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon.


The postcode for the site is CW8 2EW, this will get you half way down Overdale Lane, keep following that lane and you will see the lane off to camp on the right (I think! You won’t miss it). If your sat nav tries to take you down Kennel Lane IGNORE IT! Kennel Lane is a dead end and does not take you to the site. Carry on past Kennel Lane on the A556 until you reach the big cross roads with the shell garage on the right (if you are heading from the M6 end), turn left at this crossroads then take the first main road on the left (Overdale Lane).

Make sure you leave plenty of time to get there, the site is only 33 miles away but the traffic is usually bad, I would probably avoid the M6 as there are roadworks from J15 – J19.  Give me a call if you are going to be later so I can get your food order.



Please bring all of your usual kit for camp (sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillow, wash bag etc.). You will not need cup, plate, bowl etc.

As well as your usual kit please make sure you have the following (super important):

  • Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Money for the tuck shop (optional)
  • Chair
  • Cake to share with everyone

If you took a tent home on Tuesday please make sure you bring it with you.

Health forms

Most of you have already given me your health forms, if you have not please make sure you have one with you, if you arrive without one you will have to go home.