Taskmaster 2017: The Rules

During the Summer holidays I (the Taskmaster General) will be posting a series of tasks on a Tuesday evening at 19:30. In order to earn points you will need to accomplish these tasks by 19:29 the following Tuesday and send the required evidence to the Taskmaster General.

Here are the rules:

  1. Each task will be posted at 19:30 on a Tuesday evening, and each task will have its own rules, for example:

    “Send a photo of yourself standing inside a red phonebox.”

    If you send a photo of yourself standing beside a red phonebox you will not win any points

  2. Points will be awarded for accomplishing the task and bonus points will be awarded for creativity and imagination
  3. Your task must be submitted no later than 19:29:59 on the following Tuesday, any submission received after that time will be discarded
  4. All photos must be current, if you happen to have a photograph of yourself standing in a red phonebox taken last summer this will not be acceptable. In order to prove the photo you have sent is current please include your necker in the shot (so it might be an idea to pack your necker if you head off on holiday)
  5. There will be one team activity, extra points will be awarded for more members in the team, for example if the task requires you to be in a team of at least 3 and you have 5, each team member will be awarded 2 extra points
  6. All photos and other forms of proof must be sent to the Taskmaster General (a.k.a. Kai), if you do not have his contact information please send a message via the “Contact Us” page
  7. All decisions regarding scoring are made by the Taskmaster General and are final
  8. The trophy and grand prize will be awarded on the first Explorers back
    (September 6)
  9. Have fun with it!

TM white

Explorers Tonight…

…is not at the Caverswall HQ but instead at Longton rugby club, Trentham Lakes. Please be there by 19:15 and in full uniform. We will finish around about the usual time. Bring some money to buy a drink and there will be a little food at the end. 

See you later

Big Camp Kit List and Stuff to Know

So Big Camp starts on Friday, here is what you need to know:

Camp site address:

Beaudesert Activity Centre
Cannock Wood
WS15 4JJ

Arrival time at camp: 20:30 onwards (if you are going to be much later please let us know)

Please ensure you have Kai’s number with you to check where on the site we are camping, currently we do not know, we will only know once the leaders arrive on-site.


Due to the fact that we are not allowed to arrive on-site before 20:30 please ensure you have eaten before you come, WE WILL NOT BE EATING A MEAL ON FRIDAY NIGHT. There will be drinks and biscuits but no meal. All other food will be provided.

Leaving camp on Sunday: The closing ceremony is being held at 15:30

Please make sure your lift is at camp to collect you at 15:45, do bear in mind there will be a lot of parents picking up at this time so you may have to queue to get onto site

Camp theme: The theme for camp this year is James Bond

If you have any James Bond type attire you do not mind trashing please bring it with you,  I did mention a while back to you that it would be brilliant if you could find a tuxedo in a charity shop to wear for the camp

Forms: If you have not given me your forms bring them with you

I have received forms from all but two of you, please ensure you download, print, fill in and bring with you these forms: HERE

Kit list

  • All the usual camp gear
  • Chair
  • Plate, bowl and cup
  • Water bottle
  • 1 large family sized cake
  • Money (optional), I dare say the tuck shop will be open plus at the last Big Camp, the Scout Shop turned up where you could buy iScout merch
  • SUNCREAM and HAT – if the weather turns hot again you will need it
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting wet along with suitable shoes (no crocs, no wellies)

Please double check this page before you leave, I will update it with anything I remember between now and when we arrive at camp.