Climbing night 28/11/17

On Tuesday November 28 we will be climbing at Kilnworx in Tunstall. The cost of the night will be £11.50 but here is the kicker, there are only EIGHT places. Please bring your money TONIGHT to confirm your attendance. If you are not coming tonight you cannot grab a spot, you must hand me the money face-to-face TONIGHT. Once I have confirmed numbers I will post a message if there are any more spots available.

If you want to come and watch you are welcome, there is a great balcony at the place which gives a great view.


Introducing the Scorpion Tuck Shop

As you may or may not know Niall and Freya were selected to go to the World Scout Jamboree in the USA in 2019. In order for them to go they need to do a BOAT LOAD of fund raising. One of the fund raising activities they will be doing is running a weekly tuck shop starting tonight.

Please bring with you some extra cash to spend in the tuck shop because every little helps.

Remembrance Day Parade

From what I can gather the parade will be held in Stoke, please arrive at the car park across the road from the Minster at 10:30 in full uniform. Please look for the Sea Scouts as they will be there but unfortunately we will not. 

Air Rifle Shooting Tomorrow

Explorers will be at Kibblestone this week where we will be air rifle shooting. There is only enough space for 12 to shoot so it will be first come, first serve. Please bring with you your usual subs plus the form below. If you do not bring the form below you WILL NOT be able to shoot.

Please meet at the main car park at 18:50.

See you there

Parental consent

Calling all parents

As I am sure you have already been informed, we are having a “parent’s evening” tomorrow night at Explorers. The aim of this evening is to give you an idea of what is going on at Explorers, what we have planned for the future and what your child may have missed for whatever reason. 

The plan is at 20:45 you come into the HQ for a cup of tea and a cake, we will bring you up to speed, you can ask any questions and hopefully leave feeling slightly better informed. 

We hope you can all make it and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night.