Kenya Project Last Chance

If any of you would like to be considered for the Kenya project there is one last opportunity to apply. Below is the application form and flyer, if you want to go you must fill in the form and get it to me for tonight. I have to write a reference on your application so if you do not bring it tonight you will be too late. The closing date for applications is this Friday. In order to qualify you need to be over 14 by 31 March 2015. If you are shortlisted you will need to attend a selection camp between Nov 22 and 23.

Application Form
Kenya Project Flyer

Kenya Project presentation night

To all of you that are interested in going on the Kenya project, there is a meeting at 19:30 tomorrow night (June 6) at Dresden Scout HQ. This is an important meeting if you are even slightly interested. If you do go it is STRONGLY recommended that you take your parents with you, there will be a lot of talk about how much it is going to cost, when you will be going, selection and training camps and fund raising.

If you are going can you please fire me an email or text to let me know you are, I was planning to be there but unfortunately something else has come up.