Photography Competition


As I mentioned a few weeks ago the theme for the photography competition this term is ‘night’.  Any shot taken OUTSIDE at night will be considered.  Here are a few I have taken in the past for a bit of inspiration (including the one above):

If you are feeling creative then on Easter Monday there is a meteor show that reaches its peak, if you have a tripod and know how to take long exposure shots you could grab yourself a winning shot.  Even if you do not have have a full setup most smartphones have apps that allow you to take long exposures.

Good luck

Photography Competition 2013

So I have decided that we will run the photography competition from now until the summer holidays and the subject will be ‘Water’. This means you will have an ideal opportunity to take some great photos at camp next month. We want NEW photos taken between March 19 and July 2 (and before you ask, I can find out exactly when you took the photos), the winner will be announced on July 16 at our last meeting before the summer break.

Here are some of my images for inspiration.

Good luck!

Bag packing @ Cotswold Outdoor

I would like to publicly thank Dan Blood as he was the only Explorer to come bag packing today. Cliff, Meagan and myself are all really disappointed no-one else bothered to come out. You all missed out on a very good opportunity to raise funds plus some freebies.

Below are a few photos:





Building crazy golf courses

Drumming night