Geocaching tomorrow


I meant to remind you all before you left last week that we are geocaching tomorrow night, pleas make sure you wear suitable footwear, bring a coat and a torch.  Uniform is not required.  If you see each other at school/college please remind each other.

See you tomorrow



Saint George’s Day Parade

As most of you will already know, the Saint George’s Day parade is this weekend. It will be on Sunday at 1:30pm, and it is uncertain when it will finish. It will start at the Stoke Scout HQ. Anyone who volunteered as a flag-bearer should also attend the rehearsal at Stoke Minster on Friday evening at 7:00pm.

The Webmaster.


As many of you know there will be bowling at Tenpin Festival Park in a few weeks on the 28th of January at 7 o’clock. The cost will be roughly £6.50 each plus some money for food and drinks. Please bring the 6.50 in as soon as possible
See you there

Christmas Meal @ The Pepper Mill


As Cliff mentioned on Tuesday we will be having our Christmas meal this year at the Pepper Mill in Longton. The cost of the meal is £13 (not including a drink). I have booked a table for 20 which can be increased if needs be. Please bring your money ASAP, once you have paid you can choose your food from the Christmas menu which I will bring on Tuesday night.

It would be nice to get as many of you to come along as possible, the 17th will be the last week of Explorers before Christmas.

See you Tuesday

Fireworks night


Tomorrow night will be fireworks night, and we are going to fire off a few of our own. Please make sure you wear appropriate clothing (uniforms still required please), we will be standing outside for a while so make sure you bring a coat and some sensible footwear to be standing on what could be wet and boggy grass. Please make sure you arrive promptly.

Also, for those of you that were not there last week, in order to help with fund raising for the Kenya project we are hosting a tuck shop each week, it will be open tomorrow night from roughly 20:00, please bring some cash if you want some tuck.

Wide game at Kibblestone tonight (24/9/13)


As I mentioned last week we will be playing wide games up at Kibb tonight, please be at the main car park at 19:30 and bring your subs with you. For any of you that do not know where Kibblestone is the address is:

Kibblestone International Scout Camp
ST15 8UJ

We will be finishing at 21:30 as usual.

Please wear sensible footwear and bring a torch. It is probably best to bring some sort of waterproof just in case the weather turns ugly.

See you tonight



As most of you know we are Geocaching tomorrow night at Hanchurch. For those of you that do not know where Hanchurch is there is a map below showing where we are meeting. We are meeting at 19:00, please be there by then. Please tell parents to pick up at the usual time (21:30) from the same place you were dropped off. Please wear suitable footwear, despite the dry weather we have had recently the ground in places will still be very wet.

Any question please let me know, could someone post this on the Facebook group please? I will send out an email too, if you happen to see any fellow Explorers while out and about please remind them to check the website.

Map of Hanchurch:

Water Activity Weekend Program

Below is the draft program for our upcoming camp at Rudyard this April (26-28)

Friday Evening

18:30 – 19:00: Arrive  – Pitch tents – Set up camp site

20:00: Night fishing – Wide game – Campfire


07:30: Breakfast

09:00: Water activities – Sailing – Canoeing & Climbing @ The Roaches (TBC)

12:30: Lunch

14:00: Water activities – Sailing – Canoeing & Climbing @ The Roaches (TBC)

18:00: Evening meal

19:00: Discussion – Platinum- Diamond-Queen Scout Awards plus DofE Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards

General Explorer chill time – Wide game


07:30: Breakfast

09:00: Water activities – Raft Building – Pulling

12:30: Lunch

14:30 – 15:00: Pack away & Home

At present, the camp will cost £35, this price can be lower if we get more of you to come, so let’s see if we can have as many Scorpion Explorers on the camp. If you want to come and you have not done so already, please bring a £5 deposit ASAP.