Chase Walk Practices Half Term

As I mentioned on Tuesday there are not enough leaders around for the next two weekends to run practices so you are all expected to take part in two walks together over the half term. Both walks should be no less than 14 miles, preferably 20. Please talk on the group chat to make the arrangements.

When you are out walking please be extra sensible, walk in single file on the roads and keep together. I am expecting photographic evidence of both walks to be sent to me.

See you after half term

Chase Walk Practice Feb 2

Please be at the HQ in time to leave a 08:00. You will be walking to Consall and back so bring supplies. It will be cold so make sure you have hats and gloves with you. You should be aiming to arrive back at the HQ by 12:00, so you need to push hard.

See you in the morning