Ice Skating Tonight

As you all know, tonight we are ice skating. Please be there in time for a 19:30 start and please arrange to be collected no later than 21:30, Chase Walk cake rules are in effect (if you don’t know what that is ask a Chase Walker). The cost is £4.

Chase Walk Health Form

Please download and fill in the attached form, you will not be able to walk or camp without it.

Scorpion Chase Walk Health Form 2018

Please do your best to arrive at camp by 19:00, I will pre-order the food and I plan to collect around that time. Do not forget any kit, we will have a final kit check on Friday night before bed. Please also remember your regular camping kit, it will be cold so make sure you bring the right gear with you.

I will arrive early and I plan to pitch on the left of the footpath that leads to the camp fire.

Final Practice Walk

Tomorrow will be our final practice walk. Please meet at the Windmill car park at 07:15 and please bring with you ALL KIT including team kit (that means you have to communicate with each other about who is bringing what), a kit check will be carried out before you start walking:

PERSONAL kit (each participant MUST carry/wear all of the kit in this list)

  • Long sleeved base layer
  • Warm long sleeved shirt
  • Long sleeved microfleece or suitable jumper/top
  • Full length legwear suitable for outdoor use (NOT denim)
  • Quality wind and waterproof coat & over trousers
  • Spare socks
  • Warm hat
  • Warm gloves or mittens
  • Food for consumption en route (for the purpose of the practice walks please bring drinks too, you will not be carrying drinks on the actual walk)
  • Pencil and paper
  • Watch (or other devise with a clock on it i.e. mobile phone)
  • Drinking mug (plastic, not your grannies finest bone china)
  • Whistle
  • Compass (The compass should be of Silva or Suunto type with a roamer and base plate to take and walk on a bearing, suitable for use with your OS maps)
  • Torch – Wind up torches are not suitable
  • Polythene exposure bag at least 6’x2’6” 500 gauge (or metric equivalent) foil blankets may be carried in addition but not instead of
  • Hi-visibility waistcoats with reflective banding which must be visible front and rear

The list below is kit that your TEAM must carry

  • First Aid kit which should include as a minimum a good supply of plasters, blister treatment, antiseptic wipes and wound dressings.
  • Emergency high energy food such as mars bars, Kendal mint cake or any such snacks according to your preference. – WE WILL PROVIDE
  • Thermos flask with hot drink.
  • Sleeping bag (suitable for keeping a casualty warm)
  • 2 sets of OS maps of the route – WE WILL PROVIDE
  • All rucksacks must display reflective material visible from the rear – A high level of
  • Hi-visibility and reflective banding (which can be supplemented with red lamps such as bicycle lamps) is to be placed specifically around the rucksack of the team’s backmarker. This could be an additional hi-viz jacket worn around the rucksack.



As mentioned last week, all of the leaders need to attend a training course this Tuesday evening which means there is no Explorers this week.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be having our final Chase Walk practice on Saturday, I will post the details separately, you will be required to have ALL KIT with you as a team. We will have a kit check before you set off.