Practice walk 1/2/14


Tomorrow it starts to get tougher. We will be meeting at the HQ in time to LEAVE at 9:00. Please be on time. You will be walking to Consall as before THEN back again. Tell parents to collect you from HQ around about 13:00.

Bring wet weather gear, it looks like it will be a wash out!


Practice Walk tomorrow


We will be meeting at the Britannia Stadium tomorrow morning in time to LEAVE at 9:00.  We will be meeting in the car park in front of the stadium, you should see us there.

Please make sure you bring drinks and food with you, the walk will be twice as far as the previous walks but it is on easier terrain, we expect you to be finished by about 13:00.  This walk is to build on stamina, so we are going to push you to walk as fast as you possibly can.

See you in the morning


Please remember that this week we will be bowling at Tenpin at Festival Park at 7 o’clock. If anybody has not yet paid remember to bring £6.50 on night.

P.S. Please be there by 18:45 at the latest. If you have not said you are coming and you would like to come along you are welcome but I cannot guarantee you will be able to bowl – K


As many of you know there will be bowling at Tenpin Festival Park in a few weeks on the 28th of January at 7 o’clock. The cost will be roughly £6.50 each plus some money for food and drinks. Please bring the 6.50 in as soon as possible
See you there

Unit walk tomorrow morning


As I mentioned on Tuesday we will be doing a unit “weekend walk” every weekend until March. It would be great if as many of you could attend as possible. We are meeting at the HQ in time to LEAVE at 9 am sharp. Please tell your parents to pick you up at Consall Nature Park (map below) at 12:30. Please bring drinks and any food you might need on the walk, also, no denim (I am looking at you Daniel Blood) and walking boots please (absolutely no wellington boots).

This also is the first practice walk for the Chase Walk teams, as we did last year, if you want to be involved you are required to come to all of the practice walks, if you miss two you are out, this might seem harsh but it costs the unit money to enter each of you into a team so we have to be strict.

See you bright and early.