As most of you know we are Geocaching tomorrow night at Hanchurch. For those of you that do not know where Hanchurch is there is a map below showing where we are meeting. We are meeting at 19:00, please be there by then. Please tell parents to pick up at the usual time (21:30) from the same place you were dropped off. Please wear suitable footwear, despite the dry weather we have had recently the ground in places will still be very wet.

Any question please let me know, could someone post this on the Facebook group please? I will send out an email too, if you happen to see any fellow Explorers while out and about please remind them to check the website.

Map of Hanchurch:



Due to lack of interest we will not be running a Summer camp this year. This is really disappointing, so many of you wanted to go back to Beaudesert like last year but we have only had 3 definite confirmations, this is not enough for Cliff, Ellie and myself to take a week out of our lives plus it does not work out financially for the three attendees.

We plan to run a weekend camp after the summer holidays.

Those of you that have paid your deposits, you will receive the money back next week.