REMINDERS for October 8


Some reminders for all of you:

Reminder #1: Please bring a white t-shirt with you tomorrow that you do not mind ruining, everyone will need to bring their own as we will not have spares.

Reminder #2: Please bring your money for camp with you, it is not too late to put your name down for camp (details are here), it would be great to get a good number of you on camp.

Reminder #3: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE download, print out and fill in a membership and consent form, this is very important, if we do not have new copies of your forms by the end of this month we will have to turn you away on a Tuesday night, you can download the forms from here.

Reminder #4: If you are yet to be invested please make sure you buy an Explorer shirt as soon as possible, I want to invest a job lot of you not in drips and drabs, if you need a shirt get one ASAP, if you cannot get into Hanley to buy one I noticed Amazon have started to sell them too.

Reminder #5: If you are already invested as an Explorer, please wear your full uniform on a Tuesday night, if you are from Monkeys (or any other unit) you can wear your previous neckers and I will invest you into our unit and present you with a Scorpion necker but I cannot do this if you are not in uniform.