Chase Walk Camp

The arrangements for the Chase Walk camp this weekend are as follows.

Arrive at camp from 17:30 onwards, Cliff and myself will be there. Last weekend we showed the Explorers where we intend to camp, when you arrive on site, look for the path that cuts right through the main camping field, we will be at the top of that path on the right (it is the same spot we usually camp on when at Beaudesert).

We will be getting food from the fish and chip shop at around 19:30, the Explorers have already chosen what they want, the cost of this is not included in the fee for the walk.

Please ensure all Explorers have done their own kit check before leaving the house, we will conduct a check on Friday night but if they are missing any kit parents will need to come back out to camp to bring it, any missing kit will result in disqualification by the organisers.

The two teams set off at 06:16 and 06:30 tomorrow morning, I understand that some parents intend to come around the bases, this is fine but please familiarise yourself with the event rules (you will find these on the Chase Walk website), PLEASE DO NOT pass anything to the walkers, no food, drinks, painkillers, NOTHING, this is a major violation of the rules and the entire team will be disqualified if you are seen and reported.

On Sunday there is an awards presentation in the morning and parents need to collect the Explorers at 11:30.

The post code of the camp site (Beaudesert) is WS15 4RE (this is different to the actual address on their website but this one will get you to the top of the drive to the site).

If you have any issues please give me (Kai) a call or text.


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