Karting April 2

Last week I handed out forms for karting next week. If you were not there then you can download the form and bring it in with you. The spaces are limited to 10 currently but we expect we can increase that should we need to. If you want to come it is on a first come, first serve basis and spaces are filling fast.

Scorpion Karting April 2019

Chase Walk Camp

The arrangements for the Chase Walk camp this weekend are as follows.

Arrive at camp from 17:30 onwards, Cliff and myself will be there. Last weekend we showed the Explorers where we intend to camp, when you arrive on site, look for the path that cuts right through the main camping field, we will be at the top of that path on the right (it is the same spot we usually camp on when at Beaudesert).

We will be getting food from the fish and chip shop at around 19:30, the Explorers have already chosen what they want, the cost of this is not included in the fee for the walk.

Please ensure all Explorers have done their own kit check before leaving the house, we will conduct a check on Friday night but if they are missing any kit parents will need to come back out to camp to bring it, any missing kit will result in disqualification by the organisers.

The two teams set off at 06:16 and 06:30 tomorrow morning, I understand that some parents intend to come around the bases, this is fine but please familiarise yourself with the event rules (you will find these on the Chase Walk website), PLEASE DO NOT pass anything to the walkers, no food, drinks, painkillers, NOTHING, this is a major violation of the rules and the entire team will be disqualified if you are seen and reported.

On Sunday there is an awards presentation in the morning and parents need to collect the Explorers at 11:30.

The post code of the camp site (Beaudesert) is WS15 4RE (this is different to the actual address on their website but this one will get you to the top of the drive to the site).

If you have any issues please give me (Kai) a call or text.


Capitation – URGENT

If you have not paid what you owe for capitation it is of a matter of extreme urgency that you do ASAP. If you do not know how much you owe please get in touch.

I must reiterate this is vitally important and VERY urgent.

Chase Walk Kit Check TONIGHT

Chase walkers,

Part of this evening’s activity will include a full kit check, please bring with you ALL kit for inspection, the only kit you do not need to bring is food. Within your respective teams please discuss what pieces of team kit you all have.


Long sleeved base layer
Warm long sleeved shirt
Long sleeved microfleece or suitable jumper/top
Full length legwear suitable for outdoor use (NOT denim)
Quality wind and waterproof coat & over trousers
Spare socks
Warm hat
Warm gloves or mittens
Food for consumption en route
Pencil and paper
Watch (or other device with a clock on it i.e. mobile phone)
Drinking mug
Compass (The compass should be of Silva or Suunto type with a roamer and base plate to take and walk on a bearing, suitable for use with your OS maps)
Torch with spare batteries (if LED, if you do not have an LED torch you also need a spare bulb, wind up torches are not suitable.)
Polythene exposure bag at least 6’x2’6” 500 gauge (or metric equivalent) foilblankets may be carried in addition but not instead of.
Hi-visibility waistcoats (these will be provided if you do not have your own)

If you do not have any of this kit there is no need to rush out and buy it ahead of the next practice walk but you will need it for the actual walk or you will be disqualified.

In addition to this kit each team must carry (we will go through who is carrying what at Explorers):

First Aid kit which should include as a minimum a good supply of plasters, blister treatment, antiseptic wipes and wound dressings.
Emergency high energy food such as mars bars, Kendal mint cake or any such snacks according to your preference.
Thermos flask with hot drink.
Sleeping bag (suitable for keeping a casualty warm).
2 sets of OS maps of the route (1:50000 sheets 127 & 128). Total 4 maps. OR 2 of Explorer 244 Cannock Chase & Chasewater (1:25000) Photocopies may be used in addition but are not accepted as a substitute.
All rucksacks must display reflective material visible from the rear – A high level of Hi-visibility and reflective banding (which can be supplemented with red lamps such as bicycle lamps) is to be placed specifically around the rucksack of the team’s backmarker. This could be an additional hi-viz jacket worn around the rucksack.

Chase Walk Cost

Chase walkers,

I have now paid the full amount for the Chase Walk, this means there cannot be any withdrawing, it also means each one of you needs to pay £22 ASAP, if at all possible tomorrow at the practice walk.


Go Outdoors

Last week I mentioned that we will be having a night at Go Outdoors next week. Some of you may have seen that Go Outdoors in Hanley has suddenly and unexpectedly closed down for an unspecified amount of time. Therefore we are not there next week but will be at the HQ as usual.