Ice Skating 30 November


On Tuesday I meant to mention that there is an ice skating trip being organised to the Tamworth Snow Dome on November 30, the cost is £15. There is a coach picking us up at Jubilee 2 in Newcastle at 18:00 and will drop you back off at 23:00.

We need to give numbers so tickets can be booked. If you want to come please let me know as soon as possible, BEFORE November 2. This is a county Explorer trip and will have Explorers from Newcastle, Burton and Tamworth attending so it will be a good chance to meet other Explorers.

You can let me know if you want to come by email or text.

October Camp POSTPONED


As I mentioned last week there was a possibility that the camp in October would need to be postponed. Unfortunately that is the case, we plan to reschedule the camp for early November. If you have paid a deposit and you do not think you will be able to make a camp in early November then we will refund that deposit.

Random Stuff

Tonight please bring with you random stuff. If you know any former Scorpion Explorers they may be able to tell you what that means.

Just grab some stuff on the way out tonight.

Cooking Night

Just a quick reminder that you all need to bring with you the ingredients for each of your courses tomorrow night. Please make sure you have everything you need to create your culinary masterpieces.