Gliding 6/6/18

All those of you going gliding on Wednesday, please be at Caverswall HQ by 16:50 (sharp!) so Meagan and I can take you to Seighford (we will also bring you back to Caverswall HQ). So far I have had confirmation that one of you will be making your own way, if anyone else is being taken PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP we do not want to be waiting around for you if you are not coming with us.

Please make sure you have with you the forms I handed out before half term, if you do not have these you will not be able to take part. Also, make sure you have £20 to pay the balance of the activity.


Due to the nature of gliding we will be unable to take part if the weather is not favourable, I will be told on Wednesday during the day if it is cancelled. Judging by the forecast this seems unlikely but it could change. Please make sure you check the website before you set off for Caverswall, if there is nothing posted by 16:45 we are definitely going. If you have any issues or questions please send me a message.

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