Practice Walk 27/2/16


As I mentioned on Tuesday the practice walks are moving to the Cannock Chase this week. Please be at the Windmill pub car park at 07:30 (am) SHARP. Please bring with you all of your kit along with food and drink.  You will be walking 20 miles which means you will be out over lunch time. Expect to be back at the Windmill by around 16:00, you can let your parents know when you are on your way back.

Please note – everyone is expected to be on the walk on Saturday, no excuses. All Explorers are welcome to come but both teams MUST be there. If you have not paid any money for the walk you are no longer in a team, sorry about this but I did warn you.

Personal Kit List

  1. Warm shirt
  2. Warm hat
  3. Socks
  4. Full length legwear suitable for outdoor use — (NOT denim)
  5. Two long sleeved tops
  6. Warm gloves or mittens
  7. Quality wind & waterproof coat & over trousers
  8. Food for consumption en route
  9. Pencil and paper
  10. Watch
  11. Mug
  12. Whistle
  13. Compass
  14. Torch with spare batteries and bulb
  15. Polythene exposure bag at least 6’x2’6” 500 gauge (or metric equivalent)
  16. Hi-visibility waistcoats with reflective banding which must be visible front and rear

Team Kit

  1. First Aid kit which should include as a minimum a good supply of plasters, blister treatment, antiseptic wipes and wound dressings.
  2. Emergency high energy food such as mars bars, Kendal mint cake or any such snacks according to your preference.
  3. Thermos flask with hot drink.
  4. Sleeping bag (suitable for keeping a casualty warm).
  5. 2 sets of OS maps of the route (1:50000 sheets 127 & 128). Total 4 maps. OR 2 of Explorer 244 Cannock Chase & Chasewater (1:25000) Photocopies may be used in addition but are not accepted as a substitute.
  6. All rucksacks must display reflective material visible from the rear – A high level of
  7. Hi-visibility and reflective banding (which can be supplemented with red lamps such as bicycle lamps) is to be placed specifically around the rucksack of the team’s backmarker. This could be an additional hi-viz jacket worn around the rucksack.

Chase Walk 2016 Payments – URGENT!

I have been sent an email this week to say if we do not have payment into the organisers by the end of this week we cannot take part. So far I have received no money, please bring your £30 tomorrow night, no excuses, no exceptions, you will not be able to take part in the walk unless you pay your fee, I will be sending a cheque on Wednesday, if you haven’t paid you are not going, we do not have the money in the account to cover you until you pay.