Camp info and forms

To those of you that have already paid for camp or are planning to come (there are spaces) please download ALL of the attached forms fill them in and bring them with you on TUESDAY, without these forms you cannot:

  1. Come on camp
  2. Take part in any activities
  3. Get your money back

If you are planning to come to camp and have not paid yet please bring your £40 on Tuesday along with all forms.

Camp starts at around 16:00 on Friday 24 July, please bring uniforms with you as I will be investing Ryan and Elizabeth on camp. You will need all of the usual kit plus clothing to wear in the water including shoes (not wellies, crocs or flip flops).

On Tuesday night we will be handing out tents and other kit for you to bring with you so make sure you are there.

See you then.

Camp health form
Rifle consent form
Activity consent form

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