DofE Registration Forms

As it was mentioned at the training on Saturday you must be registered for any of your modules to be marked as complete.  If you have not already registered (you will have received a membership pack if you have) then you MUST MUST MUST download, print off, fill in and bring your form with you on Tuesday.  Time is running out as the practice expedition is only two weeks away.  As Phil mentioned you can back date your form within reason so if you all mark your enrolment date as April 1 that should do the trick.  You are all working towards your DofE Bronze so make sure you have ticked the right box and you pay the correct amount.

Please note: you need to bring your form to Explorers for me to sign then you need mail the form off yourself, I recommend you bring the completed form and a cheque in a stamped envelop with you on Tuesday so you can mail it once I have signed it, time is critical with this.

DofE registration form

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