DofE training day

I said we should be done by about 4 in my original post, this may be a bit optimistic so we will play the finish time by ear and you can let parents know later on in the day


To those of you coming to the training day on Saturday here are some details for you:

  • Arrive at Caverswall HQ in time to start at 9 am
  • No need for uniform
  • Please bring a packed lunch
  • Bring a rucksack which you will use on your actual expedition, it needs to be roughly 50-60 litres
  • Bring all the kit you will need on a two day one night expedition including sleeping bag, clothing, water proofs, first aid kit etc. please look at the D of E site for full bronze kit list (tents will be provided)
  • Bring your walking boots and a coat as you may be going on a short hike
  • We should hopefully be finished by 16:00

See you on Saturday

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