Last night we started some preparation for the upcoming DofE training day on May 16. When I asked how many were coming on that day 1 person said yes definitely and few were on the fence, this is not good enough, when Elizabeth came down to talk to you about this training day about 12 of you said you would be there.  We have arranged for people from around the county to come and give this training, a lot of time and effort has already gone into this it would embarrassing and insulting to those organising it if only one or two of you show up.

What I need from you TODAY is a 100% commitment for this day, I understand that a lot of you have exams and you need to revise but this is just a single day.

If you plan to be there for the day please send me an email or text message by the end of the day today to let me know.  This is the last chance we are going to give you to do DofE, if we have to cancel this training day we are not going to do anything else with DofE and instead concentrate on the chief Scout award.

If you do not have my email address or phone number please use the ‘Contact Us’ button above, this will send an email directly to me.

I cannot stress enough that you must let me know TODAY, if by the end of today there is still only one of you planning to come I will cancel the day, the clock is ticking.

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