Things to remember for the Chase Walk

To those of you doing the walk this weekend here a few things you need to remember to bring with you/do:

  1. Your completed health form if you have not already given it to me, if you come without it you will not be able to take part
  2. A chair to sit on, on Friday night (or in the case of Eli a small uncomfortable stool)
  3. Some money for the chip shop on Friday night
  4. Other kit aside from your Chase walk kit (i.e. sleeping bag, mat, pillow, your favourite jim jams)
  5. Some talc to help with chafing
  6. Another pair of shoes to wear when you are not wearing your walking boots
  7. Eat plenty of carbs on the lead up, this will help your energy levels on the actual walk
  8. If you are among the new boot buyers make sure you are wearing them as much as possible before the walk

As I said on Tuesday I will be arriving at camp somewhere around 15:00, it is in your best interest to get there as early as possible so you can put your tents up in daylight.

See you at Beaudesert tomorrow!

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