Practice Walk 28/2/15


As we mentioned on Tuesday the practice walk this weekend is the first half of the the actual Chase Walk. Please meet at the windmill pub in Meir Heath at 7:15am, we want to leave at 7:30.  It is very important that as many of you come to this as possible, most of you do not know the route and the key to our success in the past has been that our teams know the route. For those of you new to the walk please download the handbook (here) and familiarise yourself with the location of the bases, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS.

Please bring with you all of the kit you will be carrying on the actual day (kit list here) including food and drink. Also please bring a clean pair of shoes with you so you do not mess up the leaders cars on the way back (these can be left in the boot).

See you Saturday morning.

CHASE WALKERS: Kit check tonight (24/2/15)

To those of you doing the Chase Walk this year please bring all of the kit found in the 2015 handbook TONIGHT for a kit check (view it here: handbook).  It is VERY important that you bring every item on the list EXCLUDING food. For those of you that have not done the walk before you WILL be disqualified if you are missing a single piece of kit.

Also, please come with an idea of what food you would like on the Saturday night (menu below), plus please being money for the event which is £22, this includes your camp fees, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, snacks during the walk and an evening meal on Saturday night.

Option A: Spaghetti Bolognese (meat)
Option B: Spaghetti Bolognese (veggie)
Option C: Jacket Potato and Filling

Practice walk 14/2/15

Same time as usual (7:45) tomorrow morning at Caverswall HQ, you are walking to Consall and back. You really need to push yourselves this week, please to arrive back at HQ no later than 13:00. Make sure you bring something to eat and drink please.

Practice Walk Tomorrow

Those of you that are not on camp but are doing the Chase Walk please meet at Kibblestone in time to depart at 9am. We will meet you in front of the shop.  Below is a link to the route card you will be walking tomorrow and a map, please take a look at it and familiarise yourself with the route.  The walk is not as long a usual but I expect it will still take around 2.5 hours to complete.

Cobblestone Walk Map
Kibblestone Route Card