Practice walk 31/1/15


Assuming the weather is ok the walk will begin at the same time (8 am) as usual.  This week you will be walking to Consall and back so please bring food to eat while you walk.  I want you to push yourselves so plan to be back at HQ by 12:30.

Practice Walks

Tomorrow is our first practice walk, please make sure you arrive in time to leave at 08:00, this means no later than 07:45.  Please bring with you sturdy walking shoes/boots, waterproofs if you have them, hat, gloves, something to drink and eat, if you have a compass bring one, if you have a whistle bring it.  Please make sure you are collected from the Consall visitor centre car park at around 09:30/10:00.

To anyone that was involved in the walks last year please can you check your kit to see if you have a Stoke and Newcastle map, we are missing at least three.

See you in the morning bright and early!