Practice Walk 15/2/14


As I have already mentioned the practice walk will commence at the usual time (9 am) from the HQ on Saturday, please be there on time.

This will be the last walk from HQ to Consall and back so I want you all to bring your “a-game” we need to pick up the pace across the board.

To get you ready for the actual walk please can you all bring the following (you can be wearing some of it):

  • Warm shirt
  • Warm hat
  • Socks
  • Full length legwear suitable for outdoor use (NOT denim)
  • Two long sleeved tops
  • Warm gloves or mittens
  • Quality wind & waterproof coat & over trousers
  • Pencil and paper
  • Whistle and Compass. (The compass should be of Silva or Suunto type with a roamer and base plate to take and walk on a bearing.)
  • Torch with spare batteries and bulb. Your torch must be of a suitable size to provide sustained light suitable to illuminate your route over several hours during darkness. LED torches do not require spare bulbs. Wind up torches are not suitable
  • Polythene exposure bag at least 6’x 2’6” 500 gauge
  • Watch
  • Mug
  • Hi-visibility waistcoats with reflective banding which must be visible front and rear

This is the majority of the kit you will be carrying for the actual walk, if you do not own some of the items on the list don’t worry, bring what you have.  When we return to Explorers after the half term break we will be doing a full kit check with you so please make sure you have EVERYTHING on the above list by then.

If you are doing the practice on Saturday and you are not taking part in the actual walk then you do not need to bring all of the above kit.

See you on Saturday in time to LEAVE at 9:00 am, I am expecting all of you with the exception of Adam G.

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