A note from the DC to the Chase teams…

Elizabeth sent me a message to pass on to all of the walkers in the Chase Walk last weekend:

Please can you pass on my Congratulations to the Unit for their success in the Chase Walk.

I note from the programme that the Unit has been taking part in this event for 8 years now…..and are still one of the most successful groups in the competition ….and still hold the record for the 14-18 years group.

Very well done to the competitors and of course the support staff for making it possible.

The District is very proud of you all.

For those of you that have not heard, both teams put in great times, the Wanger Society won the Rock trophy with the second fastest time of the weekend and the Born survivors narrowly missed out on the Knot trophy but still walked 3rd fastest in the under 18s category.

So, who thinks they are up to the challenge next year? Registration starts in November.

Well done to all of you.

Kai, Cliff, Nick, Meagan, Ellie, Richard & Mark

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