Final details for the Chase Walk

Chase logo 2013


As mentioned yesterday Meagan, Ellie and myself will be at Beaudesert from around 14:00.  Please get to the site as early as possible.  I believe either Steve or Elliot will bring your tent when they arrive.

Bring all of your normal camping gear for the Friday and Saturday nights, bring some cash to buy food on both evenings, we will be doing a chippie run on Friday.

Please, please, please double check your kit against the kit list before you come, none of us want to have to come back home to pick something up, and make sure you bring your payment for the camp (if you have not paid already) and your health forms if you have not handed one in yet.

If you are responsible for kit for your team please ensure you have that equipment with you also and bring a chair, otherwise you will be sitting on the floor on Friday and Saturday night.

Make sure you all stock up on your carbs, eat more pasta, bread, potatoes etc. this will help your energy levels on the walk.

See you at Beaudesert on Friday.

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