SCUBA Diving 27/2/13

Just so you all know, we will be meeting at Blythe Bridge high school at 20:20 for SCUBA diving tonight, if you have not already paid please bring £15 with you along with your form, if you have no form you will be sitting at the pool side. You need swimwear, a t-shirt for the water and a towel (some of you forgot the towel last time!)

Don’t forget to bring your neckers.

See you tonight

Young Leader’s Kick Off Meeting March 4

For those of you that are (or aspiring to be) young leaders there is a kick off meeting of the new young leaders unit at Consall on Monday March 4th at 19:30.  The idea is you go along and you will be introduced to the YL scheme and you can decide whether you wish to join up.  Also, they are organising a module A course which (as Cliff and I were telling you last week) you MUST complete before working as a YL.  Please let me know ASAP if you plan to go, I think I will be there too so it would be great if as many of you attend as possible.  I particularly want to see those of you that raised your hands last week when I asked which of you are helping out at another group, this is really important if you want to continue to be a young leader.

SCUBA Diving 27/2/13


SCUBA diving is booked for the 27th, if you wish to come please bring £15 ASAP (preferably tonight), it is first come, first serve, there is space for 12 in total.  Also, you will need to start filling in this form, print it off and make sure you have it with you on the night.

As I mentioned last week we will be trying to do the scout promise at the bottom of the pool.