I have updated the Christmas meal post…



I have booked the Christmas meal for Tuesday the 18th at 19:30 at the Mango Tree.  I have booked a table for 25 of us, I have a list of 22 at the moment, I will read out the names I have on Tuesday night, if you want to come along you are perfectly welcome, if needs be I will increase the number of people on the booking.  The cost of the meal will be £10.95 plus £2.00 for a soft drink, please bring your money down with you ASAP.  Below is a map of where the restaurant is.

As I said last night it would be nice to come in “corporate casual” and if you want to bring a secret santa gift then please do, spend no more than £5.  Also, I will be announcing the winner of the photography competition at the restaurant.


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Christmas Movie Choices…

Please make your choice below, if you have any other ideas please bring the DVD down with you next week.  Don’t forget the film MUST be certificate 12a or below, also it needs to be around 2 hours long.  I am thinking we might start half an hour earlier so we have enough time to watch the chosen film.


  • Bring a camp chair with you, the chairs at HQ are very uncomfortable for 2 hours
  • Bring snacks and drinks if you want to
  • We will not be in uniform

Bag packing @ Cotswold Outdoor

I would like to publicly thank Dan Blood as he was the only Explorer to come bag packing today. Cliff, Meagan and myself are all really disappointed no-one else bothered to come out. You all missed out on a very good opportunity to raise funds plus some freebies.

Below are a few photos: