Kite Flying

Tomorrow night we will be doing some kite flying on the green in Caverswall. We will be meeting at the usual time at the hut then we will walk down to the green. If you have a kite you want to bring then feel free.

As a backup (in case there is no wind), could someone bring a football with them so you can have a kick around on the green.

See you tomorrow.

Camp – details

To those of you coming to camp this weekend you don’t need to bring anything over and above normal camp gear (sleeping bag, sleeping mat etc.). Please make sure you come in your explorer shirts as we will be investing Pete (and possibly Jake).

The camp will start at 19:00 on Friday and finish at around 11:00 on Sunday morning.

There are still spaces for the weekend, if you would like to come please let me know by Thursday afternoon so we can pick up enough equipment and food for everyone.

See you on Friday

AGM Tuesday 22 May


On Tuesday there will be no Explorers, instead the AGM is on at Longton rugby club at Trentham Lakes. As this is the first AGM I will be attending as leader I would like to see as many of you there as possible please, this AGM is partly the Explorers AGM so it would be good to have a decent number there (parents are invited also).

It starts at 19:30 and I am told there is food, you will all need to be in FULL uniform please.

See you there

Camp: May 25 – 27


We have booked a camp from Friday May 25 – 27. It will be at Consall Scout Camp which can be found on the map below.

It will cost £23 each, this includes camp fees and food. We will meet at camp at 19:00 on the Friday and leave at 12:00 on the sunday.

We need you to bring your money ASAP preferably on Tuesday, and because of the short time gap between now and camp cash would be preferred. Please download this form which we need to you complete and return with your money.

New uniform policy

Last week we had a discussion regarding the wearing of uniform when we meet. At the end of the discussion it was decided that we will continue to wear full uniform on the first Tuesday of the month along with any other occasion that requires it (like this coming Tuesday), every other week everyone will wear their neckers. If we are doing an activity away from HQ we will all wear our neckers then also, if for whatever reason it is not safe to wear your necker while doing the activity or it might get ruined then it can be removed.

I feel that we need to represent the Scout association more otherwise we are not much more than a youth club. The change in the uniform policy is effective immediately.


Police visit on Tuesday May 8

Last week I mentioned we will be having a couple of Police officers down to give us a talk. For those of you that were not there last week it was decided that we would all be in uniform, please make sure you ALL turn up in uniform.


1st Annual Scorpion ESU Photography Competition

As I mentioned last week we will be running an annual photography competition that runs from the first week back after Easter until the last week before the summer holidays. I will announce the subject matter on the first Tuesday night after the Easter holidays each year.

This year the subject is “Scouting”, please email your photos to me by July 3rd so we can judge the photos and choose the winner of the £15 iTunes voucher. The winner will be awarded their prize on July 10th.

Any of you can take part including those of you leaving before we announce the winner.

So get snapping and good luck!