Cotswold Outdoor night


As I told you last week we have Adrian Wyles from Cotswold Outdoor coming down tomorrow night to give us a talk. He is bringing with him some Osprey and Lowe Alpine rucksacks which he is going to use to demonstrate how to measure up and fit. He is going to run a boot clinic and he is going to bring some GPS units with him for us to have a play with.

Could you all please bring with you your walking boots and can you PLEASE make sure they are fairly clean, we don’t want mud all over the place if we can avoid it.

I think it will be an interesting and informative evening.

Adrian is due to arrive around 19:45 so can you please make sure you arrive promptly so we can get cracking.

See you tomorrow

St. George’s day


On Tuesday night I forgot to mention that this Sunday (22nd April) is St. George’s day. This year it will be held at the Longton Rugby club at Trentham lakes and it starts at 13:30. Below is a copy of the email sent out by Elizabeth:

This Year it will be celebrated at Longton Rugby Club off Stanley Mathews Way Trentham Lakes.

Please can we all meet at 1.30, there is ample parking, and pick up at 3pm.
Please will you bring your flags, and you will all need something to sit on, either a chair or groundsheet/individual bin liners etc.
The event will be outside, so come prepared.
Full uniform please.

Could as many of you that can please show up in full uniform?

Unfortunately due to my prior responsibilities I will not be there but I trust you will all represent Scorpion ESU in a mature fashion.